ADHD in Children

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Parenting a child and their individual needs requires patience, knowledge and care. Parenting a child with ADHD/ADD is an even more challenging task. A parent who has an ADHD/ADD child can feel overwhelmed, exhausted and even exasperated. Both the child and the parent may become isolated, constantly frustrated and ultimately angry. Because an ADHD child requires extra attention the entire family unit may be impacted.

I work successfully with parents of an ADHD child effectively balance all of their family relationships while encouraging their child with ADHD to flourish and build on their positive strength with proven coping skills.
Parents of a child who has ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) needs to learn coping skills and techniques that will help manage their child’s impulsive behaviors and array of emotions. As a licensed professional counselor I offer an upbeat, positive, and constructive guide that benefits both the child with ADHD as well as the other members in the family. New attitudes, strategies and coping skills must be developed so that anger, guilt and a lack of hope do not set in.

Through positive guidance parents will learn proper methods for handling disruptive and damaging behaviors the ADHD/ADD child may display. I work successfully with parents to not just help change the child but change their own responses to the child’s needs. While the journey may be difficult there is hope and help. Children, regardless of their needs, are blessings. I am passionate and committed to empower both parents and ADHD child by highlighting on the fact that love, coupled with strength-based treatment approach, is the key to fostering success for of an ADHD child.