Anger Management

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Of all the emotions we experience, anger can be the most devastating. It’s common to expect that you will have anger every now and then, but unfortunately when you find yourself allowing anger to escalate to a higher degree; it can certainly cause damage to you and those around you.

Emotional pain is easily inflicted on those you vent your anger at, and in extreme cases physical pain may result. If you’ve allowed your anger to manifest itself in a physical manner, then you must realize your ability to control anger has gotten out of hand. Too often, your uncontrolled anger can create emotional scars to those closest and also to yourself even though you may not realize it. Relationships that were once sacred, can be permanently damaged, leading to anxiety, self induced paranoia, negative expectations, and ultimately self hatred.

There are many scenarios in which anger problems originate. Perhaps you feel you were born with a short temper that leads to quick outbursts of anger. Maybe watching friends and family member’s anger responses gave rise to your anger issues. Was it possible that you witnessed your mother or father becoming physically or verbally abusive at the slightest altercation, which led to your anger tendencies?  Any combination or factors you faced or saw growing up, could lead to your lack of control when it comes to current anger issues.

As bad as outwardly expressing anger can be, the opposite can be just as damaging. If you have not learned or been taught proper anger management, holding anger inside can also be devastating. At some point, the wrong word or wrong event can cause people who hold their feelings inside to explode.

As an anger management therapist I will help you mange and resolve your anger issues by zeroing in and targeting the emotional triggers that spark irrational anger. My focus is to help you recognize and identify why these situations are so trying for you to maintain control. I will teach you optimal ways to respond when you are faced with an identified trigger we’ve discussed. So if you find that you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Small transgressions set you off to bursts of anger
  • Confrontations which lead to enragement
  • Always faulting others for your outbursts and sudden anger
  • Guilty feelings after outbursts of anger
  • Always thinking people are out to get you
  • Sudden increase in adrenaline and quick breathing
  • Anger causes your face and skin to feel flush
  • Any confrontation causes you to use foul language which is not normal for you
  • Muscles in your neck and shoulders start to tense up
I can help you get beyond these issues and ultimately provide you with the means to identify those signals or triggers which are leading to your extreme anger. An important part of our therapy will be teaching you to use your mind and body together to control your anger. As you learn to identify the physical signs that your body is sending you when your anger arises, the techniques and methods I teach you will give you the control over those sudden outbursts you experience.