Couple's Counseling

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Here at Empowering Family Connections I am especially passionate about helping couples thrive.
Most people desire to journey with a life-long spouse or companion. Tragically, this very special bond
can quickly become unhealthy due to stress, money issues or illness.

If left unresolved, relational damage can quickly set in. Life for the couple can become extremely
painful and unfulfilling. There is hope. As a marriage and family therapist I am committed to helping
couples see that true lasting change and growth can take place despite trials or past hurts.

My approach to couples counseling from an insight oriented method and evidence based theory
Emotional Focused Therapy. Every couple is unique and carries their own strengths, weaknesses, trials
and even fears. Together in a safe and trusted environment each person will be able to express their
unmet expectations, hurts and emotions in a warm nurturing setting. It is vital that each person in
the relationship be heard by their partner in order for true change and healing to take place. As your
counselor I will be dedicated to facilitate that experience.

At Empowering Family Connections you’ll find your success as a couple. I can offer feedback, insight
and understanding. As a client you will develop excellent relational skills that will renew that
original spark. Communication, knowing the right way to argue, resolving conflict productively and
forgiveness can happen in any relationship despite the perceived obstacles. As a couples you will feel
empowered and learn healthy ways to interact with each other and apply correct thinking skills.

When each person resolves to change and take responsibility for their own actions relationship may
experience rebirth. Life is full of heartache and very often we hurt those we need and love the most.
Through healthy guidance, commitment and time couples can and will flourish together. I am excited
to have the opportunity to help you experience a healthy bonded relationship.