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If you feel depressed know that you are not alone. Last year individuals around the world of all ages
were treated for the symptoms of depression. Being depressed is much more than being sad.

Symptoms of depression may differ with each individual. Many people feel extreme hopelessness,
discouragement and as if they have sunk into a deep dark hole that they cannot escape. People who
are experiencing depression may lose interest in things and people that were once very important
in their lives. Daily living can become a huge chore and burden. Depression, if not treated, can be
extremely harmful to one’s health.

Very often people who are depressed experience unintended weight loss or weight gain. Depression
also affects the people around those who are suffering this wide spread illness. Studies show that
depression can weaken one’s immune system and cause other health issues. I want you as my client
to know they are not alone and that therapy can help. There is hope.

Depression is treatable and can be overcome. At Empowering Family Connections I believe that
therapy can help an individual dealing with depression get well. By using cognitive behavior therapy
and relational therapy clients will learn to approach and deal with the very issues and feelings that
compromise their mental health and impact their daily lives. You will learn how to maintain positive
and correct thinking patterns that will help you walk through life in a healthy manner.

I am successful with helping clients deal with unresolved issues in their lives that may hinder personal
joy. You will learn to better communicate with family members, friends, and co -workers. By teaching
you to establish healthy boundaries you will feel better about you self and learn life time skills that
will make life more fulfilling and stable