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The decision to get a divorce can be a very difficult one. Divorce is often the last resort after all other avenues of trying to save a marriage have been exhausted. When you are going through divorce you might feel sad, angry, confused, depressed these feeling are few among many others.  It is helpful to talk through what you are going through with a neutral third party. As your counselor I can help you to navigate the turbulent emotions that can come up during and after a divorce.

Once the decision to divorce has been made by a couple, there can be a feeling of relief that lasts for a short while. For many people, this relief is often quickly replaced by a feeling of foreboding and anxiety about the future. Sometimes our minds and the tendency to worry about the unknown can be our worst enemy; if these emotions come up many people seek counseling to help them sort out the negative emotions and find ways to empower themselves again. It is usually our own thought process and negative beliefs that make situations worse than they are by projecting negativity onto the future. In reality, a decision to divorce could very be in alignment with our highest good, maximum happiness and ideal life going forward.

In addition to self-care, counseling can help you to navigate the turbulent emotions and mixed feelings that can arise during a divorce. The added support a counselor can provide will make a big difference in moving into the next chapter of your life with grace and ease. You will feel validated and heard as your issues are mediated in a caring, compassionate and civil way.

Whether you are still undecided about divorce, are already in the midst of one or are having other concerns such as how to co-parent your children, counseling can help to calm anxiety and smooth the transition. You don’t have to go it alone. Please feel free to call me for a consultation.