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Raising a family is, without a doubt, one of the most demanding yet most rewarding experiences you
can have. With any family there will always be ups and downs that parents and children struggle with,
left unresolved, can expand into a major void of arguments, miscommunication and arguments that
threaten familial bonds. Family counseling therapy works on a wide range of issues effecting today’s

Is your family dealing with any of the following issues?

  • Blended family issues
  • Mental or physical challenges or disabilities
  • Miscommunication between parents and children
  • Arguing and bickering over chores, responsibilities, expectations etc.
  • Sibling rivalry pitting parents against each other
  • “Intolerable” behavior at home or school
  • Difficulty adapting to changes in the family
  • Separation, impending divorce, or recent divorce
  • Step-parent or step sibling relationships
  • Issues regarding (sex, drugs, alcohol, work, internet usage, entitlement, etc…)
I focus on the goal of helping each member in the family to better interact and relate to each other,
developing solutions that produce results that resolve conflicts in healthy ways. In today’s society,
families are under a great deal of stress, both children and parents, from outside sources and internally.
If a parent loses their job, is hurt in an accident, or a child is being bullied at school or hanging around
the wrong crowd, any one of these experiences has a major impact on everyone in the family, not just
the individual.

As parents, juggling a family, work, and teaching children the right values is both difficult and
challenging. There is no “DIY” manual when it comes to raising the model family. In this regard,
family therapy can be beneficial and rewarding to all involved. Together we can structure your
therapy to create a family program that matches your parenting style, desires, values, rules,
expectations and shared goals to improve your daily family life.