Self Esteem

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Have you ever thought about what self esteem really is? Do you know that the opposite of low
self-esteem is not “high self-esteem” or “good self-esteem.” In reality the opposite of low self-
esteem is “self acceptance”. “Self-acceptance” is a belief system to help you not judge yourself
either well or poorly; on the contrary, it gives you the peace of mind to be comfortable with who
you are.

Have you found yourself doing any of the following?

  • Allowing the fear of failure to stop you from accomplishing your goals
  • Being critical of your abilities both inwardly and/or outwardly
  • Finding it difficult to recognize your positive qualities and accomplishments
  • Finding yourself uncomfortable being the center of attention
  • Acting as a follower instead of being a leader when asked to participate in groups
  • Constantly worrying about what other people think of you
  • Letting other peoples opinions determine your decisions
  • Feeling that your inept, not deserving, not good enough
  • Finding it hard to accept a compliment or sincere thanks
  • Spending a lot of time focusing on what you believe to be your weaknesses or faults.
Growing up, it would seem natural that positive self esteem and self image would be easy to attain.
Unfortunately there are a lot of road blocks along the way that can steadily decrease your ability to
feel good about yourself.

Have you ever done something silly and immediately blurted out “you dummy” or “I’m so stupid”?
Habits are hard to break and constant negative thoughts that continue to run through your head on
a regular basis become ingrained so much so that it’s easy to accept these thoughts and believe
them. I have many patients who share with me many statements they find themselves repeating
daily that eventually tear down their belief system. Equally worse is when a loved one, relative, or
supposed friend makes disparaging remarks that create self doubt and unworthiness.

Consistent repetition of negative words and thoughts can make it seem almost impossible to
change. The good news is that through proper counseling you can have a healthy fulfilling life. I
can help you achieve the self acceptance you desire and teach you how to avoid these recurring
thoughts that have held you back.

As Earl Nightingale so eloquently stated “We can let circumstances rule us, or we can take charge
and rule our lives from within.”

Together we can create the healthy self esteem you need, focusing on your mental, emotional, and
physical attributes so that you will come to appreciate the person you are and control the destiny
you desire.