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In today’s society it seems we’re judged on how we look, what we wear, and the image we personify.
Others around you would have you believe that your value and appearance will determine how far you
go in life as you move up the social ladder. This starts the first day of grade school and carries forward
through out the rest of your life. Self perception and your overall appearance determine how you feel
about yourself and how you think others view you. If you think your image is flawed or unacceptable it
can be very easy to become depressed, place undue stress on yourself, and increase your anxiety level.

Issues about our body image and appearance are so prevalent in society, that it’s a rarity I see a client who
doesn’t have some type of body concern. People tell me they’re too heavy, too thin, don’t have the right
smile, walk funny, have big thighs, and the list goes on. The media barrage we see everyday teach us that
success, happiness, and status are all tied to our having an attractive image. Can you tell me, when was
the last time you saw an ugly newscaster? There is and underlying belief that having the perfect body will
bring us all that we ever hope to achieve and acquire.

It all becomes very clear that continued thoughts like this can be detrimental, leading to depression,
anxiety, and other issues when you find yourself answering YES to many of the questions I’ve outlined

  • Do your looks determine your mood?
  • Are you concerned how others view your appearance?
  • Do you find your thoughts constantly dwelling on losing weight?
  • Are you always trying different diets and weight loss programs?
  • Do you think you’d be happier, have better relationships, and more success if you were thinner, had a perfect smile, and a more toned physique?
  • Are you critical of yourself for lack of having more control over your body and appearance?
  • Do you avoid social situations when you’re not feeling great about your appearance?
  • Do you focus on your weight/appearance more that most other aspects of your life?
Clients I work with realize that these types of thoughts are not logical, but when asked, really don’t have any idea how to change it. How easily lost is the fact that our self worth and value lies within, not just our appearance.As an experienced counselor I am dedicated to providing you the best possible counseling with
my extensive knowledge treating both children and adults who have self image issues. Using proven
techniques I will work with you to identify the best methods for helping you turn your present belief
system around so that your thoughts become ingrained to counter the negativity you encounter every day
and help you build the right thought processes you can rely on to maintain the happiness you deserve.

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