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By definition, addiction is a continuous negative action or behavior pattern that has the potential to hurt your way of life. Drugs and alcohol are two well known addictions that have destroyed many lives. But the truth is there are many other forms of addiction that may seem harmless but can be destructive influences in your life. These could include addiction to unhealthy foods, extreme exercise, sex, television viewing, video games, cell phone use, etc.
Some telltale signs of negative addictive behavior include:

  • Obsessive desire to partake of the addiction all day
  • Feeling the need to conceal your behavior from others
  • Lack of interest in people and activities other than your addiction
  • Justification of addictive behavior
  • Worry or fear about not being able to participate in your addiction
  • Feeling frustrated, angry or stressful when addictive behavior is not fulfilled

Addiction has a way of consuming your time, thoughts and actions to the point where nothing else matters but your participation in your addictive behavior. If you have a job and family, your addiction can greatly distract you from your priorities, making the realities of life more difficult to handle. If you are a student, your addictive behavior will make it near impossible to concentrate on your education to establish a fulfilling career. Addiction can lead you to withdraw from the realities of life and live in a world of your own where your behavior becomes the main focus and purpose of your existence.
If you struggle with some form of addiction in your life, either unsuccessfully attempted to reduce or terminate the use of substance or the inability to achieve a balance in responsibly meeting personal obligations and satisfying desire due to chemical dependence As a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist I have an ample experience working with all forms of addictions, I work successfully in teaching clients healthy and constructive methods of combating and overcoming addictive behavior. I will work with you on an individual basis to process any past problems and traumas you may have had that led to your addictive behavior. We will work together in a non-judgmental place to help you gain greater serenity, acceptance, and personal self-coping skills. With commitment you will experience greater self-potential and stability.

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