What is Play Therapy?

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What is Play Therapy: For Parents

What Is Play Therapy? For Kids

The education, care and development of our children has advanced in many ways over the years. Yet there are still many children in society today who struggle with mental and emotional difficulties that keep them from feeling secure and happy. Through play therapy, your children can learn how to express negative thoughts and emotions in a positive and constructive manner.

Children age 2-10 years old often have a difficult time expressing their thoughts and feelings in words. This can resort to them becoming frustrated, angry and discontent. In play therapy, kids are encouraged to convey their feelings as they play with their toys. Because a major part of children’s lives revolve around playing, their interactions with dolls, toys and other games can reveal a lot about what they are going through. Play therapy provides an avenue for kids to express what is on their heart. At the same time, it teaches them how to express their emotions in positive and productive ways as part of their upbringing.

During play therapy, I try to give children space to develop positive self-expression so that they can cope with pent up emotions of anger, fear, self-doubt, etc. The empathy and support they receive at this crucial time in their lives will help them to feel accepted, loved and content. Play therapy was designed to help your little ones grow into the self-confident and well adjusted children they were meant to be. Young children who have problems with anger, anxiety, doubt and discontent can learn how to turn these weaknesses into strengths through this therapy. As they grow older, they will have greater control to handle the ups and downs of their lives so that they can make wiser, more responsible decisions.

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